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Rx4 Systems is an IT support organization with 12 years of experience supporting IT infrastructure for small to mid size companies. We have worked with several industries including Software, Promotional Marketing, Printing, Education, and Social Services.

Technology has always changed over the years and we can be sure of one thing, it will continue to evolve. We have discovered that the best approach is to evaluate a situation and determine what needs to be accomplished, see if current technology will continue to work or if it is time to make changes. Too often, we have seen people make changes just to be involved with what is new and cool with no thought as to what the change will do to help productivity and the bottom line.

Rx4 Systems takes a somewhat conservative approach. We do feel that companies should be up to date and have enough technology to be productive, but our goal is to keep a balance between the cost vs. pay off. For example, we are now seeing the age of managed services and cloud computing. Although this is not a cure all, and sometimes there are reasons for not using these services, we are finding a great cost efficiency along with productivity boosts from some of these products.

Give us a call and we can discuss how our organization can work with yours to keep all of your technology running at peak performance. We can work with you to make a plan as to when and what you would like to do in the future to enhance your businesses efficiency and bottom line.


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(310) 855-4037
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