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IT Assesments
  • New Implementations: Rx4 Systems can provide IT assessments and consultation for new offices or office expansion. We will take on a part of your project, or coordinate it, working as a Project Manager taking on the responsibility of completing all tasks required.
  • Changes, technology refresh: After a while equipment and software seem to show their age and need to be brought up to date to keep your business running as efficiently as possible. We can talk about how this could help your company.
  • Project management & planning
  • Access: Rx4 Systems can offer fixed priced internet connectivity including installation, maintenance, and support.
  • Domain registration: We can help you register your companies name for use on the internet as well as configure Internet naming service so others can get to you.
  • Co-location services
Google Apps
  • Email, messaging, collaboration, and cloud services: Rx4 Systems has been working with Google Apps for more than 4 years now discovering the beauty and ease of using this product. It is very powerful enterprise level software, affordable by all, and simple to use. This is a true cloud based service, secure, and available 99.9% of the time anywhere you have a browser and an internet connection. Along with getting a very powerful product, you get amazing value at a low cost. Let us show you how Google Apps can save you a bunch of money while moving you forward to your next level of organization and productivity.
Backup, disaster recovery
  • Hosted -- quick ship -- onsite: There are many ways to approach backup and disaster recovery. We are happy to discuss with you the options and ways we can help set this up to keep your data safe while balancing effort and convenience.
  • Data recovery: When disaster strikes such as loosing data or a hard drive crashing, we can work with you on recovering your data. We also have people we work with who can often recover your data when there seems to be no hope
  • Onsite: We are available to help with on-site repairs at reasonable prices.
  • Proactive Maintenance: It is possible to set up reoccurring visits for things such as checking for patch deployment and system updates. It is also not a bad idea to check on the ability to restore backed up data for when that real crisis hits.
  • Remote Monitoring and Management: Rx 4 Systems can provide you with a customized solution for supporting your computer services. You may want to have a complete support contract with monitoring or want to break the tasks up. It might work to start small and work together to see what is actually required. As a start we might want to set up the following:
    • Daily health check.
    • Backup and verification.
  • Local area networks, wire/wireless, Installation & configuration
  • VPN, tie your offices together or work from home :-)
Hardware & Software
  • Hardware evaluation and purchasing
  • Operating systems, Anti-virus
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